Bots are a fundamental part of the internet and have become indispensable. Most internet users are unaware that only 62.8% of all internet traffic is human.

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Bot Traffic Stats 2020

Source: Bad Bot Report 2020

#1 Traffic Creator

Traffic Creator has been on the market since 2019 and was the best bot traffic service last year. But what has been seen in the previous year, and are there improvements? Or could the competition catch up?

Traffic Quality (10/10)

Traffic Creator offers 2 variants of bot traffic quality types. there are no changes compared to last year.

Economy bot traffic plans are created using datacenter ip’s. It’s affordable bot traffic that gets the job done.

Professional bot traffic plans using the highest quality available to generate bot traffic (Residential Ip’s). We highly recommend using their professional traffic as it counts for local & global Alexa ranking and it works with any Google Analytics version.

Traffic Creator offers the most countries of all tested traffic bots including the largest number of locations (states & cities) of all traffic bots I have seen. In case your state is not available, simply contact them by email, and they will add your location within a few days.

Important For Google Analytic Users!

Since November 2021 there is a limitation worth mentioning. Google Analytics updated their tracking software to version 4, which only counts visitors using residential ip’s. Currently, GA version 4 is optional and can be downgraded to version 3, which works very well with datacenter ip’s!

Pricing (10/10)

The price model is kept very simple, and there are no nasty surprises. Every purchase of traffic is a subscription that is automatically repurchased after 30 days unless you cancel it. The termination can be given at any time before the end of the 30 days.

If you have forgotten to cancel the subscription and the purchased credits have not yet been activated (just switch Auto-renew setting off), they will refund even long after the purchase! Which I think is very accommodating and courteous.

The prices as a whole are still the cheapest. With other providers, you can either find the same prices or they are much higher.

If your planning to use their service a lot or for a long time they have large discounts available.

Traffic Settings (8/10)

Most settings I know of are available on traffic creator. They have everything you need and a little more. Their support will guide you through their system, helping you set up your projects correctly to get the best results possible. My favorite feature, missing in most traffic bots — using social, organic, and referral traffic in one project, saving a lot of money and time.

Since last year there has been a guide for every setting that explains them. However, I would have liked a few more new features, which is why we deduct one point compared to last year.

Customer Support (10/10)

Traffic Creator managed to assert itself within a short period of time and was the best traffic bot service I knew last year. Traffic Creator does everything right with its customer support. There is a money-back guarantee and through payment options such as PayPal these guarantees are also guaranteed through buyer protection provided by PayPal.

I guess this is what Traffic Creator makes it so successfully. Their support is outstanding. They will help you with everything! By everything, I mean everything literally! I case you don’t know how to implement an HTML code in your header; they will most likely do it for you or find a developer for you to do it. However, you can always write them to check your project settings to give some advice. In case a traffic project does not work, or you have some questions, they stay friendly and do the best they can. Thumps up!

Conclusion (38/40)

If you’re looking to buy bot traffic, I recommend buying from Traffic Creator first before trying others out. This is a severe provider who can help out quickly in the event of difficulties, even if the problems are not with bot traffic but possibly with the tracking software installation. Support is essential for beginners to be able to use bot traffic effectively. Traffic creator is way ahead here!!

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Quick Traffic Creator Review Of 2020

#2 Babylon Traffic

Babylon impresses with its clean and very modern website. They are very different in how they work and advertise their bot traffic, which makes them unique compared to other traffic bots I have tried. But makes this Babylon better than others in 2021?

Traffic Quality (10/10)

Babylon offers only residential bot traffic, which most people want anyway. However residential bot traffic is due to its quality expensive and it would be very good to have a cheaper option. Some websites only need to increase their page view counter or want cheap traffic for their statistics like Google Analytics.

Pricing (9/10)

Babylon is not cheap, and its pricing is calculated by “actions,” which is suitable for a specific group of customers. In General, Babylons pricing is complicated, and it’s hard to compare their prices to others. It is often much less expensive to use other traffic bots as they don’t charge you’re for actions but visitors/hits.

Conclusion: Babylons premium plans are excellent in price/value ratio for professional bot traffic users. However, the lowest price of 29€ (~$35) is set very high especially if you need less than 1000 actions a day!

Traffic Settings (7/10)

They are outstanding. The way you can configure your traffic is very different from other traffic bots. You have plenty of settings you can customize and make your traffic look and behave like you want it. Babylon Traffic deserves 10/10 points in this category. It may not be suitable for everyone, but since its different from every traffic bot I have seen so far, it needs to get the attention it deserves.

The settings are not very precise, which is a shame. During the test, as in the previous year, I stated a bounce rate of 20% and the result was 26%. This is much better than last year, but the problem should have been solved long ago.

Customer Support (8/10)

They have plenty of guides and articles, helping you to get through their system. There is nothing to complain about on accessibility to their bot and the help you get from their support.

One Day money-back guarantee: This is a huge issue and risk for anyone buying from them. It usually takes more than a day to understand the traffic bot and to adjust the settings. Especially since the bot often only reacts with a delay, it can take a little longer before the changes are also visible in the tracking software. One day is not enough to really test the bot.

In case you have purchased with cryptocurrency, there is no moneyback guarantee!

Conclusion (34/40)

Babylon Traffic is still very different from all other traffic bots in 2021. Their pricing model and especially their moneyback guarantee is a problem.

However, Babylon has advantages that no other has. And that is evident from the price model which differs from the other bot services and this is where the strength of Babylon traffic lies.

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#3 Sparktraffic

Sparktraffic is probably the oldest traffic bot on the market and delivers bot traffic since 2005. They drive over 200 million page views per day on websites, making it the most significant traffic bot.

Traffic Quality (10/10)

The most relevant factor is the quality of bot traffic. Sparktraffic offers datacenter (economy) traffic and residential (professional) traffic. We highly recommend using only their professional traffic as the datacenter traffic may counts as Bad Bot Traffic.

Important For Google Analytic Users!

Since November 2021 there is a limitation worth mentioning. Google Analytics updated their tracking software to version 4, which only counts visitors using residential ip’s. Currently, GA version 4 is optional and can be downgraded to version 3, which works very well with datacenter ip’s!

Pricing (8/10)

Sparktraffic has monthly plans, which you can cancel anytime! Which is fabulous!

But there is a downside to their pricing model! It looks like you can get 20.000 visitors for only $5.99, but you only get those rates with the yearly plan. In conclusion, they have excellent prices for value.

12-month advanced payment required to get those low rates!

When you are looking for long term bot traffic, Sparktraffic has some great discounts available. Those low prices are only for datacenter bot traffic, in case you need residential ips, you need to multiply the economy price times two and you got the correct prices.

Traffic Settings (8/10)

They have it all! Sparktraffic offers the most settings of all traffic bots I have tested by far. You can make your bot traffic look like anything you want. Unfortunately, they don’t explain their settings very well. Therefore the best features, like producing organic and social traffic within one project, are a secret to most customers, making them pay for additional projects to add social traffic.

Customer Support (6/10)

Sparktraffic offers fast chat support and support via E-mail. They even provide a forum for their users, which is unquestionably excellent for anyone.

But all this gets destroyed when you have simple questions, which newbies would ask. They make you feel like an idiot because you don’t understand simple things like a bounce rate. And if you read some spark traffic reviews ⁴, it gets even worse. That’s not acceptable, but at least they “support” you.

Conclusion (32/40)

Sparktraffic is reliable and has a great system. They are online since 2005, making them trustworthy. I can highly recommend their service to anyone familiar with bot traffic and how to use it, as their support will be a pain in the ass if you are unlucky. Besides the lack of support, Sparktraffic delivers what they promise, and that’s a great product.

Sparktraffic Review 2020

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