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About Traffic Creator

Traffic Creator has been long time on the market providing high-quality bot traffic. They have more than 50.000 active customers and deliver over 500 million visitors per day. They have started their traffic bot business in 2019 and improved their service ever since.

Traffic Quality (10/10)

Traffic Creator offers two types of traffic because some traffic trackers do not accept traffic generated by datacenter IP addresses anymore. There is currently the trend to update traffic trackers to make them only capture residential IP addresses.

Google Analytics Update

Since the end of last year, there has been an update from Google Analytics version 3 to version 4. Websites that still have Google Analytics version 3 installed on their site can still use economy packages, which use visitors generated by datacenter IP addresses. GA4 only captures visitors with residential IP addresses. It will not include any visitors using datacenter IP addresses in their statistics.

Economy Packages

Traditional bot traffic quality providing a cheap solution to receive a large number of visitors. Economy packages use datacenter IP addresses to generate their traffic. Most traffic counters will accept this traffic type, but you want to check first if your traffic tracker will accept those visitors.

Economy plans (Datacenter IP addresses) without discounts
Economy plans (Datacenter IP addresses) without discounts

Professional Packages

Advanced bot traffic providing high-quality traffic, which looks just like human traffic. In this package, your visitors will be generated with residential IP addresses, which is the best quality you can get. Most traffic trackers will capture this bot traffic, such as Google Analytics, Wordpress Jetpack, HiStats, Comscore, Statcounter, Leadid, Alexa Local & Global.

Professional plans (Residential IP addresses) without discounts
Professional plans (Residential IP addresses) without discounts

I can recommend this type of traffic to buy because it has the most significant effect on rankings and it will work for most traffic trackers. It simulates human behavior much better and increases global and local Alexa Ranking!


In the geo-targeting category, traffic creator is at the forefront and leaves nothing to be desired. Every country I know of is available. In addition, traffic creator provides extended geo-targeting, which allows you to get traffic from specific states or cities.

Pricing (10/10)

In terms of price, traffic creator is inexpensive and is one of the cheapest providers compared to other providers. You can cancel your subscriptions at any time; there is no minimum term or notice period.


When buying five credits, there is a discount of 20% and a discount of -40% when purchasing ten credits.


Additional discounts may be worth asking for on purchases over $ 1000

Traffic Settings (9/10)

They have everything you need and a little more. You can set: traffic volume, bounce rate, visitor returning rate, traffic quality, traffic source, day & night fluctuation, user agents, organic traffic, social traffic, direct traffic, timezones, browser language, navigation funnels, shortners, and much more. Their support will guide you through their system, helping you set up your projects correctly to get the best results possible.

My favorite feature, missing in most other traffic bots — using social, organic, and referral traffic in one project.

User Experience (8/10)

Traffic Creator gives every user a practical but straightforward admin panel. In the provided admin panel, you can edit and create fast new projects. You can use an auto-renew function to ensure your traffic never runs out unless you have enough credits on your balance since the admin panel is elementary.

Customer Support (10/10)

Their support is outstanding and goes beyond everything I have experienced before with other traffic bot services. Most traffic bot services impress with their unfriendly reactions to questions that seem idiotic to professionals, but newcomers do come up with it. Newbies don’t need to be afraid to ask questions here. The support always stays friendly, no matter how dumb the question might be.

They helped me successful with:

  • Implementing Google Analytics
  • Basic Project Setup
  • Advanced Project Setup (Country specific Google searches)
  • Alexa Certified Setup
  • General questions about their bot traffic
  • Finding a Backend Developer for my website

Extra Service:

Because traffic creator works with many websites, agencies, and freelancers, it is incredibly well networked. In my case, I needed someone to program something for me on my website. I just tried my luck and asked if they knew a freelancer who could solve my problem. Unexpectedly, they were able to recommend a freelancer to me straight away. Therefore, I can highly recommend anyone to ask them for services you need but don’t offer. There is a good chance they can give you some recommendations.

Payment Methods (10/10)

Traffic Creator is one of the last bot traffic services that still accept PayPal as a payment method. For this reason, Traffic Creator can get more points in this category than last year. There is hardly a traffic bot service that offers more payment options. They accept Credit Cards, PayPal, Banktransfer, Cryptocurrency, and about 200 more options depending on which country you are in.

Conclusion (57/60)

Traffic Creator had made significant improvements since my last review one year ago. Traffic creator was able to convince with substantial challenges such as the massive Google updates, which required more extensive adjustments. Those Google updates affected none of my traffic projects as they did with other services. The fact that traffic Creator is the only traffic bot I know of accepting PayPal payments shows it is a trustworthy provider.

Of course, this review is only my personal experience. I created last year more than 3600 traffic projects. Still, this review is based only on my experience. Yours may be different from mine, but your welcome to share your thoughts and experience in the comments.

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