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4 min readDec 22, 2020

Traffic Creator has been on the market since 2019 and was the best bot traffic service last year. But what has been seen in the previous year, and are there improvements? Or could the competition catch up?

Traffic Quality (10/10)

Traffic Creator offers 2 variants of bot traffic quality types. There are no changes compared to last year.

Economy: Uses datacenter Ip’s to generate bot traffic, which will be visible by most traffic counters and increases global Alexa ranking. This kind of bot traffic will be perfect for personal websites, to increase your view counter or you stats on Google Analytics. It’s affordable bot traffic that gets the job done.

Professional: Uses residential Ip’s, which do not repeat and be visible for even more traffic counters. This Traffic Quality deserves its name and is highly recommended for professional use. This Bot Traffic will simulate human traffic as no other traffic bot does and increase global and local Alexa Ranking!

Traffic Creator offers the most countries of all tested traffic bots including the largest number of locations (states & cities) of all traffic bots I have seen. In case your state is not available, simply contact them by email, and they will add your location within a few days.

Important For Google Analytic Users!

Since November 2021 there is a limitation worth mentioning. Google Analytics updated their tracking software to version 4, which only counts visitors using residential ip’s. Currently, GA version 4 is optional and can be downgraded to version 3, which works very well with datacenter ip’s!

Pricing (10/10)

The price model is kept very simple, and there are no nasty surprises. Every purchase of traffic is a subscription that is automatically repurchased after 30 days unless you cancel it. The termination can be given at any time before the end of the 30 days.

If you have forgotten to cancel the subscription and the purchased credits have not yet been activated (just switch Auto-renew setting off), they will refund even long after the purchase! Which I think is very accommodating and courteous.

The prices as a whole are still the cheapest. With other providers, you can either find the same prices or they are much higher.

If your planning to use their service a lot or for a long time they have large discounts available.

Traffic Settings (8/10)

Most settings I know of are available on traffic creator. They have everything you need and a little more. Their support will guide you through their system, helping you set up your projects correctly to get the best results possible. My favorite feature, missing in most traffic bots — using social, organic, and referral traffic in one project, saving a lot of money and time.

Since last year there has been a guide for every setting that explains them. However, I would have liked a few more new features, which is why we deduct one point compared to last year.

User Experience (8/10)

The user area of ​​traffic creator is not particularly “lovely”, but it fulfills its task much better than other competitors due to its functionality. All the bells and whistles were avoided, and emphasis was placed on working on traffic projects quickly and easily.

This can save a lot of time on many projects, and the guides that explain each individual function make it easy for beginners to understand the various functions

Customer Support (10/10)

Traffic Creator managed to assert itself within a short period of time and was the best traffic bot service I knew last year. Traffic Creator does everything right with its customer support. There is a money-back guarantee and through payment options such as PayPal these guarantees are also guaranteed through buyer protection provided by PayPal.

I guess this is what Traffic Creator makes it so successfully. Their support is outstanding. They will help you with everything! By everything, I mean everything literally! I case you don’t know how to implement an HTML code in your header; they will most likely do it for you or find a developer for you to do it. However, you can always write them to check your project settings to give some advice. In case a traffic project does not work, or you have some questions, they stay friendly and do the best they can. Thumps up!

Payment Methods (8/10)

Traffic Creator uses Paymentwall as their payment gateway. Paymentwall offers safe transactions with Creditcards, Paypal, E-Wallets, Online-Banking, Moneycards, Cryptocurrencys of all types.

Refund Policy

Traffic Creator offers a generous refund policy. Purchased traffic will not expire until you activate it. If you don’t use your credits, you can refund them anytime! In case your traffic doesn’t work, you can write an email or send them a message through their chat and ask for a refund(up to 14 days after purchase).

Conclusion (55/60)

The simple design for beginners, outstanding support, reliable bot traffic, high-quality proxies, impressive Alexa ranking improvements makes this traffic bot to my absolute favorite traffic bot to use in 2020.

In this traffic bot review of traffic creator, I tried my best to represent all the essential features and information you need to make your own opinion of traffic creator.

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